My name is Desirée and I like sports. A lot. That’s why after a while I decided to focus this blog on this particular subject. Since January 2013 I’m part of the Rockcity Rollers Eindhoven roller-derby league and better-known as #213 Dropdead Desi. Except playing roller-derby I also enjoy running mud- and obstacle runs. It started out with the Army Urban Run and before I knew it I found myself registered for a lot more and part of Dutch Mud Men.

Pushing my limits is my goal and I challenge myself by running further at each run. It started with 5k, then 8, followed by 9, then smashed a 15k, and achieved a 17k. Keep in mind these are no regular runs. Next challenge? A half-marathon. If I can smash a 17k dirt run, I can complete a 21k, right? Which I did as well :)

Lately I’ve really been into cooking and find healthy alternatives for regular things. I love baking as well, and I hope that my culinary experiences and creations will inspire you. And make you hungry ;)

You can contact me here.


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