ArteZ Fashion Design Graduation 2012 // Inge van de Ven

Inge van de Ven/ Lucy 1

So I went to the ArteZ Fashion Design Graduation Exhibition, seen as I unfortunately missed the Fashion show itself. As I was looking around I stumbled upon the lingerie collection of Inge van de Ven, called “Lucy”.
Being very fond of lingerie and this collection, I felt like doing an article dedicated to this amazing and elegant collection. You can see the collection during the fashion show here.

Lingerie is the fashion that always has been a little undervalued. It was Inges internship at “Hennes & Mauritz” on the underwear-department, together with her preference for lingerie, that made her realize that she wanted to graduate with a lingerie-collection.

Inge van de Ven/ Lucy 3

With this collection Inge van de Ven brings back the pin up woman from the ’40 and ’50 to the current era. The pin up woman from that time distinguished herself with her romantic and playful charisma. The designer combined these characteristics with the elegance, independence and self-confidence from the woman from the present-day.

The woman from that time was generally more oppressed, but she seems more respected in these pictures than the woman from the present-day. Nowadays, this playful picture changed to the absolute opposite. With all the porn that is available online, the romantic feeling from the female body mostly disappeared.

If you look at the different periods of time it is a bit weird, because the woman from nowadays is seen with more respect, is a strong, self-respected woman with a voice to speak up. This doesn’t mean that a woman shouldn’t be able to feel pretty and sexy, just not in a crude way. That’s why Inge designed this collection.

Inge van de Ven/ Lucy 2

The beauty of lingerie is also because it is hidden, and when its good it, feels like a second skin. Inge doesn’t like completely naked, so for the elegant but sexy charisma she used a lot of transparency, pastel shades together with dark green and black for contrast. When it comes to fabrics she used a lot of lace and silk to create this ultimate feeling of feminity and luxury.
The fasteners that Inge designed were milled from sheet-copper, this because of the beautiful color and the preciousness of the material. The forms of these fall back on the more rough fasteners to contrast the delicacy.

I’m really glad I had a chance to talk to Inge about her collection and I’m curious to see what she’s going to do next. She’s definitely on my watch-list!

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