ArtEZ Fashion Future // Fashion Design Graduation 2012

Yesterday I went to the exhibition from the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands. I noticed a few collections in particular which I’m going to tell you about.

Collectie Eefje Wijnings

Eefje Wijnings is the only designer I had a chance to talk to. She told me she based her collection “Hemisphere” on the functions of the two brain-halves. The rational one and the creative one. This rational, linear thinking against feelings and intuition, symbolizes the current situation of society. The designer thinks that we act too rational and don’t listen enough to our intuition, that we need to find a new balance. Eefje Wijnings designed this quest for a new balance, by bringing harmony between reason and intuition. The architect Richard Meier was her main inspiration, with his clean, geometric square and white architecture. Therefore, the intuition side emerged during  the molding process through her feelings.


On this clothing rack are hanging a few pieces from Eefje Wijnings and Inge van de Ven, about who and which you can read more about soon.


Thom Barends was inspired for his collection “Touched by Grace” by the economic changes in our society, that his generation is the first to see that they won’t have it automatically better as their parents, economically speaking. As he says, “We have to do it with luxury that our parents created”. The collection is based on a fictive woman that ends up on the streets and the only thing she has left is her mother’s wardrobe. To inspire himself, Thom Barends went looking for couture jackets from the 80’s as a symbol for extreme luxury and decadence, and also observed homeless people, to see how they dress and combine garments for practical reasons. To bring this all together, the designer inspired himself with photo-collages from Jean Paul Goude, which he thinks are fascinating.


Vera Meijwaard was inspired for her collection “Renaissance of the Abundance” by (Holy) Mary, the embodiment of the perfect illusion.  van de volmaakte illusie. Inspired by the cult of Mary-worshipping,  she created a shoe collection that is all about hyperdecoration and transformation. By converting elements of this cult to a new visual language the designer expresses her desire for this past splendor. Designing is for Vera Meijwaard a form of artistic expression with which she doesn’t compromise when it comes to portability. Her shoes are primarily designed as a source of inspiration, just as haute couture is for fashion.

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