Hidden Beauty in Eindhoven



Yesterday, I was on one of my walk abouts in Eindhoven, Netherlands, when I noticed an old van getting spraypainted across the street. My curiosity led me to look closer and I saw a sign mentionning a street-art exhibition/shop called “Hidden Beauty”. Interesting, I thought, and managed to find the entrance, which was indeed pretty hidden.





What I found inside was incredible. Colorful paintings of all sizes covered the walls and fences that stood in the middle of this “broken” space that was used as some sort of gallery.

I was astonished by the beauty from some of the paintings, and wished I could take these with me home.


A someone, called Maurice, explained to me that this exhibition is part of “Step in the Arena“, one of the largest international graffiti festivals, and that this exhibition/shop is one of its side events. The work of about 50 artists are currently exhibited and that, yeah, the van was also part of it and was supposed to attract people’s attention, which obviously worked. I was standing there as proof.


It’s definitly worth checking out but (unfortunately) temporary! “Hidden Beauty” will last from the 11th of May until the 23rd of June, and for those interested, it’s here > Keizersgracht 2, Eindhoven

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