Your Bike In An Underground Tree

What I’m going to talk to you about is already something that exists in Japan for quite a while, but wouldn’t it be something for the Netherlands ? The country with more bikes than people ? Automatic Underground Bike Parking. 

This is the solution followed by the lack of space, and especially parking space for the high amount of bikes, in Tokyo, Japan.

“A Cycle Tree is an innovative mechanical parking system for bicycles. It is a fully automated system that enables simple and speedy entry/exit of a large number of bicycles in a limited space.” JFE Engineering

How does it work ? A little tag stuck to your bike identifies it to the computer, which then puts it away safely in these so called “Cycle Trees”. 

When you come back to pick up your bike, you just swipe your card, and your bike will return to the surface in about 30 seconds.

Most of the Eco Cycle storage facilities require a monthly membership, which costs around 2600 yen (about 24 Euro), with a discount available for students.

You think this kind of system would fit in the Netherlands or in other countries where the use of the bike is so common and widespread? This would mean no more searching for a spot, being afraid that your bike will get stolen and it will save each of us quite an amount of time. Sounds ideal for the impatient contemporary society, on the run, and of course for the growing lack of space in big cities.

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2 thoughts on “Your Bike In An Underground Tree

  1. Reblogged this on bluepearlgirl's world and commented:
    I guess this is re-blog day for me… Boo! But regardless, i have never seen anything like this. San francisco is a bike thief haven. We are in an epidemic of bike thefts. This would really solve the problem! I am sure that it is probably not free or wont be for long, but if you spend $2700 on a bike and it is your transportation, i would consider to pay it to be safely held rather than on the street.

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